Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Online competitions

Taking part in online competitions is another great and positive mode of spending your leasure time online. This not only enables you to earn some sort of hard cash but also to sharpen your posture. There are dozens of online competitions of various kinds e.g. essay writing, short story writing, quizes and so on. You can participate in these competitions and win prizes.

Though there are dozens of competitions currently going-on for the audiance around the world, but many of us don't find them. This prompted me to create this blog to help others to find competitions of their interest, in one website. This may help anyone to find what they want. A healthy competition is a great way to build confidence, appreciate talent, and help to create new innovative ideas.

Frankly speaking, this is not a way enabling you to be millionaire, as most of the scams on the web claim, but idea behind this is to just provide a healthy and positive way to utilize your time online. To me, worth of the prizes is not of much importance, it is the prize itself, which could be an delightful additiion to our memories.

Each one of has a unique talent. It is also true that most of us fail to discover that talent which ulimately compelled us to live and life of failure. But once the talent is discovered, you could prove yourself to be successful person in this world. This is purely a confidence building site; again, through healthy competitions.

I sincerely appreciate any feedback or thoughts to improve this blog. And, we request you to add all good and useful competitions herefor all our audience through this blog as well.

1. World Bank is organizing a competition for student and non-student young people having age between 18 to 25. The topic of the competition is "Shaping the City of Your Dreams". You can send your asseys online by 15th March, 2008. To know other rules and regulations, please visit

2. The 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing in August 2008. To help gain a better understanding of the Olympics and at the same time give them an opportunity to be part of the games, China Radio International launched this contest on November 1, 2007. This contest will last for six months. You might just be a lucky winner. To take part in the game and get your reward please visit You may also find the correct answers of this quiz from my blog

3. DW is a Radio service Germany. It arranges many competions on monthly basis and participents makes them enable to win handsom prizes. For more information please visit,,2144,2275854,00.html and you can also check out for competitions on the website of Urdu service of DW.

4. AXN-Asia is another great site to offer numerous competitions and precious prizes. For more information visit

5. Supersports website is another great source to take part in competitions. For more information visit or

5. Besides, here I am providing some useful sites which contain information about the competitions.


There may be many more competitions. So please feel free to add one you know here. Your comments about this blog will also be welcomed.